Effect of propagating media mixture on the growth of breadfruit (Arthocarpus communis Forst) root cuttings in the south/western Nigeria


Authors:  Tajudeen Ogunkunle, H.T. Okusaga, R. O. Babatunde

Pages: 73-80, June 15, 2016

Open Access!

The trial was conducted to evaluate the impact of sharp sand (SHS) and saw dust (SWD) mixture on the root and shoot growth of breadfruit (Artocarpus communis Forst) root cutting in the south western Nigeria. The experiment was laid out in a completely Randomized Design (CRD) and replicated three (3) times. The experiment has four (4) treatments combined in a definite ratio by volume viz; TA (3SHS: 1SWD), TB (2 SHS: 2 SWD), TC (1 SHS: 3 SWD) and TD (Loamy soil) which served as control. The parameters measured were; number of shoot sprouts, number of leaves, number of root growth, length of root and length of stem sprouts as well as the percentage of water holding capacities of the media mixtures. All data collected on growth parameters measured were subjected to One-way (ANOVA). Significant mean differences were separated using Fisher’s Least Significant Difference (LSD).The results showed that statistically significant differences (P< 0.05) existed on the root cuttings in terms of all the parameters measured. Treatment TC (1 SHS: 3 SWD) mixture was recorded to has induced more growth on all the parameters measured and therefore considered suitable and recommended as a simple macro propagation protocol for breadfruit root cuttings collected from the wild.

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