Development and Validation of UV – Visible Spectrophotometric Method in Pharmaceutical Formulation for Ribavirin


Authors: : P. Srujana,(1) T. Shobha Rani*(2) and M. Reddeppa(3)

Pages: 65-72, 2021

Open Access!

A simple, sensitive, selective rapid Spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of Ribavirin drug in pure form and pharmaceutical formulations based on the oxidative coupling reaction with FC reagent which is extractable at 734 nm. Beer’s law is obeyed within the attention stages 10-60 g ml-1. The advanced technique turned into applied immediately and without difficulty for the analysis of the pharmaceutical formulations. The technique changed into absolutely validated and proven to be rugged. The received effects were shown that from the proposed approach turned into located to be simple, sensitive, and accurate and with exact precision. Because of this, this technique moreover can be taken into consideration for the evaluation of this drug in super control laboratories. Based on the obtained results in the current study supposed that the proposed methods provide simple, low cost and quick process for the quantitative determination of Ribavirin using visible spectrophotometric analysis.

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