Influence of Different Teaching Methods on Engineering, Science and Social Disciplines


Authors: Ahmadi Begum*

Pages: 32-36, 2020

Open Access!

Teaching is one of the main components in educational planning which is a key factor in conducting educational plans. Despite the importance of good teaching, the present qualitative study aimed to investigate effective teaching in higher education such as Engineering, Science and Social Studies students. This article introduces effective teaching strategies suitable for teaching engineering, Science and Social disciplines, accordingly students will be able to explain, find evidence and examples, generalize, apply analogies and represent a topic in a new way. There are several teaching methods that teachers may use to achieve the goal. Among several modern teaching methods such as active classroom, problem-based learning and more, some or all may fit the nature of engineering, Science and Social discipline. Therefore this study aims at understanding the student’s point of view. In our technical society today, learning and teaching is becoming more and more important. If teachers are going to begin teaching they will, undoubtedly need some preparation before they begin. In this review, I look at subject matter knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and expertise and discuss how, what has already been done in other fields. I conclude that how the knowledge of subject matter and the knowledge of content matter impact teaching and learning.

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