Preventive Measures of COVID-19 from India

Date Posted: 03/28/2020

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a contagious disease affected humans and spreads via person to person by direct or indirect contact. Majority of the people infected with the COVID-19 virus from all parts of the world. However, the ratio of recovery person and death rate varies from country to country. So we need to take urgent preventive measures in highly populated countries like China, India and America. In this situation, the coronavirus has already reached to India and thus we have to take immediate possible preventive measures to control the death rate. I would suggest some points of the preventive measures to control the coronavirus pandemic from India as follows:

  1. Virus Mapping (This means which area or place or resident of Covid-19 affected persons and the area of foreign return people). To identify such areas and apply the sanitizer spray regularly or an hourly basis.
  2. We should apply sanitizer spray in every road, street, home, and all public places. So the government or NGO to help buy sanitizer for the local people or homeless people to spray around the places where they stay or sleep. Simultaneously, government municipality and companies do spray everywhere in every place around the road and street in every day.  In China, they had control through sanitizer spray along the roadside, lifts, and apartments.

Please see this link through youtube: So disinfecting is a very important strategy.

  1. We should give a body mask to each family that includes covering the whole body, head, and face with hand cloves (two sets of body masks to each family). It will very helpful to control and prevention of transferring the virus from one person to another person. For example, if someone sneezing and do cough, the face cover does not release the virus. Why body masks? Because they cannot touch their face parts like nose, eyes and mouth immediately and we should provide guidelines on how to use body masks. After he/she goes home, they can dip the body masks into the soap water or sanitizer or wash clothes. Because after 21 days, people have to buy their basic needs, the government cannot ask them to stay home for longer. So from one family, one or two-person can wear this body mask and they can buy their basic needs. Sometimes they have to come outside to buy milk every day for their children and family. Even police can identify the necessity of the people who cover the body mask.  If someone comes outside without a body mask, the police can control them.
  2. We should take the family census and check the people’s temperature every day from home and update the people’s temperature online. Online means family head person can email to the local government of his current status of the temperature and sickness of each person of their family. It will be helpful to identify covid-19 patients.
  3. We should try to identify covid-19 patients confirmed cases within two days. It will be very helpful to control disinfection within the family and friends and can able to control the spreading of the disease.
  4. Keep the outbreak safely until covid-19 cases decrease in numbers that include social distancing, intensive hand-washing, wearing a mask and other protective things.
  5. To provide food, vegetables, and other edible items through door delivery. It may be possible to implement in City or apartments. But in the village, we should encourage vegetable daily sellers through bullock cart or Mini Van. (Make sure the system of Hygienic).
  6. Importantly, we should make sure that people who come outside must wear a face mask. It would be greatly appreciated if the eyes are also covered as well.

Main Points of Preventive Measures

  • Mapping the COVID-19 Cases.
  • Use sanitizer spray as rain or applied regularly (all places particularly mapping of

COVID-19 cases) and ask people to keep sanitizer with hands to spray wherever it is necessary.

  • Use quality body masks and face masks when they come outside.
  • Keep the outbreak system for the next three months.
  • Advice people to eat healthy foods to increase immunity power.
  • Try to use biosensors techniques to identify or detect biological agents like viruses and bacteria. (It will be very helpful to identify the infected person quickly and thereafter to control the spreading of the COVID-19 might be easier).
  • To create awareness on the concept of social distances, wearing a mask and intensive hand washing for local people, tribal and villages.
  • Moreover, the Government medical team should check the people’s fever status in every home weekly.

If we apply those mention above points, definitely we can eradicate the COVID-19 from India after three months. Moreover, we can also control the death rate as much as possible.

I suggest these are important preventive measures to control the death rate and infected persons. We should implement the above preventive measures immediately.


Dr D. Mohandass,

Novel Research Academy (A Division of New Swertia Publications),

194, Thiruvalluvar Salai, Kuyavarpalayam, Puducherry – 605 013. India.


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