Need Rapid Action to Stop Spreading of the COVID-19

Date Posted: 03/31/2020

The government should focus on important decisions to stop spreading VID-19 for the next 14 days. The COVID-19 is too dangerous and can easily spread from person to person through cough, sneezing, speaking by saliva droplets and touching by hands. So, we should take more protective measures to stop the spreading of COVID-19. The following rapid actions are:


  1. We should stop and prevent people (100%) to go outside. That means we should close all shops including grocery, vegetable markets, departmental store (maligai shop), all types of meat shops and other local selling shops.
  2. Instead of people coming outside or come outside for purchase, the government or private agency should sell the vegetables through door delivery in each house.
  3. The minivan can sell the vegetables in every street and area. That should be arranged by the government or private agency. But sellers should be medically checked every day. The seller must wear a body mask that covers the whole face.
  4. Government or private agencies should sell only vegetables, rice, cereals, grains, and medical items.
  5. The marriage ceremony may be postponed by all types of people.
  6. Presently, the worldwide death rate increased by 25% of infected persons, as per dated 30-3-2020. In India, the death rate increased by 3% of infected persons. Incomings days, it may be increased by 9% of the infected persons.
  7. Importantly, Doctors, Nurses, Police, Government officials, Ministers and other workers who help COVID-19, infected persons, must be very protective. They must wear a body mask and should not work more than 8 hours a day. They should not go to the toilet frequently in the hospital. Police on the street should not speak with people at a closer distance. If not, it will infect easily to police people.
  8. We should advise people like threatening words who come outside “YOU MUST BE DIE OR INFECT CORONA VIRUS THAT CAUSES TO INFECT YOUR WHOLE FAMILY” These words will not insist people come outside and also once we closed all kinds of the shop for 14 days and then we cannot see the people outside. The activity of SOCIAL DISTANCE will be successful for the next few weeks.
  9. Daily wages people should stay in one place and provide food for them. It should be arranged by the company where they have worked in any of the places and it is not necessary to travel bunch by bunch.
  10. We should not forget the same incident, in 1918, the Spanish flu killed 10-20 CRORE people in India and reported by the source:

Therefore, I suggest rapid action is necessary to control the spreading of COVID-19 for next few weeks.


Dr D. Mohandass,

Novel Research Academy (A Division of New Swertia Publications),

194, Thiruvalluvar Salai, Kuyavarpalayam, Puducherry – 605 013. India.


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