A new species of Miliusa (Annonaceae) from India


Authors: S. Karuppusamy, P. Selva Singh Richard

Pages: 97-105, June 15, 2016

Open Access!

A new species, Miliusa ammaii (Annonaceae) from the Kalakadu-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR) of southern Western Ghats, India, is described and illustrated. Miliusa ammaii is primarily distinguished from its morphologically similar taxa, M. indica and M. gokhalaei by having glabrous leaves, lenticellate branches, pedicellate white flowers, transparent petal base, glabrous carpels and succulent elongated fruiting stipe. Records on distribution, population structure, associated taxa, conservation status as well as identification key to the species of Miliusa in Peninsular India are also provided.

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