A New Combination in Steirachne Ekman (Poaceae: Eragrostidineae)


Author: C. Kalidass

Pages: 190-192, 2018

Open Access!

The subfamily Chloridoideae comprises c. 131 genera and 1601 species under 5 tribes (Liu et al. 2010; Peterson et al., 2010; Soreng et al ., 2015). Of these, the subtribe Eragrostidinae has 11 genera: Eragrostis Wolf and Steirachne Ekman. However, their circumscription has always been controversial (Peterson, 2003; Peterson et al., 2007 and 2010). The genus Steirachne Ekman can be differentiated from Eragrostis Wolf by its florets disarticulating as an unit with segments of the rachilla, the later often with an apical tuft of hairs, setulose lemmas, loosely imbricate and cleistogamous spikelets present, often in the lower leaf sheaths, glumes persistent and elongate caryopsis (Renvoiz, 1984; Peterson et al., 1997; Clayton, et al ., 2016). While revising the genus Steirachne, it was observed that the type specimens of E. deccanensis Bor were found to be akin to Steirachne Ekman because of the keels of paleas narrowly winged; lemmas with apex attenuate; rachilla internodes bearing tufts of hairs near the base of each floret; stamens 2. As there is no combination in the genus Steirachne for the species, I propose a new combination below.

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