Check list of Endemic flowering plants of Western Ghats from Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamilnadu, India


Authors:  V. Ravichandran, S. Karuppusamy

Pages: 36-51, March 15, 2016

Open Access!

The study was conducted to assemble a comprehensive check list of endemic flora of Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary from the year 2011 to 2015. There have been reported 118 endemic flowering plants comprising 29 families with 61 genera are endemic to the Western Ghats from which herbs are dominating by 67 species followed by trees (28 spp.) shrubs (19 spp.) and climbers (4 spp.). The family Balsaminaceae is holding dominant number of 30 species and followed by Orchidaceae (17 species), Rubiaceae (13 species) Melastomataceae and Myrtaceae (5 each species) respectively. Among 118 endemic species 11 species are exclusively endemic to the study area from them 18 number of species falling under different IUCN categories, in which 8 species coming under endangered category, 6 species in the vulnerable, 3 species in critically endangered and one species in the data deficient category.

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